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Kitchen Treasures- the premium condiment arm from the Synthite Industries Ltd was launched in 2015.



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How the launch of their website helped to build an engaging and returning audience.

Kitchen Treasures- the premium condiment arm from the Synthite Industries Ltd was launched in 2015. Synthite is the world’s largest producer of value-added spice with over 40 years of successful history in producing spices, natural flavors, spice oleoresins, and pure and blended seasonings

Awesome Daddies helped Kitchen Treasures launch its website to establish its spot on the online digital platform. The brand targets millennial who are always occupied, short on time but don’t compromise on health and taste when we are talking about food. They are tech savvy and want home cooked food that tastes just like their mom’s. Kitchen Treasures product lines include spices, masala, pickles, and pastes. The website had to be rightly positioned while guaranteeing high engagement rates.

How we connected the kitchen
and the digital

Group discussions were conducted with representative customers from the target segment to understand how Kitchen Treasures can maintain an engaging, resourceful digital relationship with users. Value to the users is paramount to ensure that they return to the website.

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The Kitchen treasures became a recipe-centric website that caters to the taste of Indian cooking. The website essentially provides an online repository of video recipes for users.

Recipes can be searched and favorite ones may be saved for later use, thus bringing about personalization. Products of Kitchen Treasures that best complement each recipe are also shown dynamically. Prep times, difficulty level and a number of serves are highlighted next to each recipe. Users can provide comments, interact with other users and share feedback on the recipes. These conversations, in turn, provide great feedback to Kitchen Treasures.

How we connected the kitchen
and the digital

Interviews with the target demographic also gave insights that users are likely to land on the website from a kitchen or while heading out to shop. A responsive website design is used to promote seamless navigation across devices. Thus, navigation from mobiles, tablets, and laptops are hassle free. The website reflects the mood and environment the user could use best. The design is minimalistic and the look is clean and modern. This further assists our user make the to-buy list or prep the kitchen for cooking.The minimalistic designs against white backdrop help them think fast and decide faster. The very organized and clutter free approach, along with the very systematic layout of recipes is just what the multi-tasking millennial needs.


The result of this digital initiative is higher brand awareness, top of mind recall among users and a wider loyal audience.


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