CLIENT Wandertrails


UIUX, Front-End Development

An Interactive Web Application that helps to jump - start exploring the city of Copenhagen and its rich culture.

Wanna travel to Copenhagen! A world of wonder and excitement awaiting for you outside the window.The possibilities are endless – they’re also overwhelming. You want to have a fun approach that gives you an enriching cultural experience, but don’t know how to start ? There are many ways to explore a city, but consumes a lot of time for the discovery process.

The project Explore Copenhagen helps you to jump - start your exploration. Customize them to include your own unique style, and you’ll be feeling like a native in no time. Exploring a place is associated with the activities, people, stays, cultures, food, shopping etc. The interactive web app is an interactive solution that aids all the explorers out there who would like to explore the city of Copenhagen and plan everything without any hustle.