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Your Travel

UIUX, Front-End Development

Web and Mobile Interactive solution that bring all your travel discovery process to a single place

Sometimes, people just need to take a trip. Get out of the city, explore the nature, try some adventure, get the friends and family cozy or a trail with your besties. But planning one is always a pain where, discover what’s the best thing to do, see, explore, eat etc in any particular location you are in or travelling towards. The discovery process starts from searching google, reading travel blogs and magazines or asking your friends. For a few it would be an interesting process and for some they never get time for it, eventually they may miss the best - places, timing, activities, season, budget etc.

Discover Your Travel is both a web and mobile based solution that bring all the discovery process in a single place. It captures the travel persona and gives a beneficial travel plan. The traveller can customise the plans if needed and avail that. We make sure that we collect the right travel persona through a simple but engaging interaction and an interface to play around during customisation.