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Enhance driving experience
with real-time data on mobile
application from CarIQ

Launched in 2012, CarIQ is one of India’s first technology platform connecting the car, owner and services based on data directly collected from the automobile.On board diagnostics exploits a vehicle's self-diagnostic and reporting capability. For a long time, this capability was exclusive only to the high-end luxury cars. CarIQ approached Awesome Daddies with the idea of launching on board diagnostics for every car. CarIQ had a device with inbuilt GSM capabilities that collects this data from the car without intervention. They now needed a mobile application that shares the data with the car user.

The challenge

From multiple stakeholder partner interviews and research, we perceived who our target was. It is the middle-class car owner or driving enthusiast. He is a multi-tasker with short attention spans who craves for reminders, needs information at his fingertips, commands convenience and strives to have fun in everything he does. The CarIQ device had capabilities to track car performances, driving data, fuel economy, mileage, car location, problems related to engine, gearbox, and transmission, coolant temperature, upcoming service schedule, in addition to many others. Strategy and creative teams at Awesome Daddies collaborated to determine the ideal way for users to access the most relevant data analysis. We were primarily concerned that the mobile app shouldn’t overwhelm the user with data. After all, it was intended to simplify his life. Also, a user experience that matches the versatility of the mobile app was needed.

Putting the pieces together

Keeping these in mind, the app was designed to be Green on the landing screen if the car was in good condition. Many parameters are taken in account to determine the health of the car. On the contrary, if it needed a visit to the workshop a red warning sign is notified. Nearby petrol bunk, workshops and service centers are easily located. The app keeps track of the car’s servicing calendar and insurance renewals. It also fetches the best quotes from nearby insurance agents. Nearest fuel pumps with real-time fuel rates are also available. For the driving enthusiast, in-depth analysis of his driving habit is made available in the visual format.

The lesser worried
you are, the better
you enjoy your ride!

CarIQ also encourages engagement amongst the CarIQ user community and includes options to report events like bad roads, traffic jams, accidents or roadblock, all real time.

Gamification is also integrated in the app. With accumulating miles, rewards and badges can be earned. Better still it could be shared with the online community via social media integration. This boosts the online share of audience and level of engagement.


Our cutting edge design has majorly simplified the user interface and improved user experience while adding fun elements to it. Over the years, the user base has multiplied and significant social media presence is also established through this app.


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