CLIENT Soothika


UIUX, Application Development

We defined on - the - go personalized luxury dining and accommodation for this mobile application

Pamper App brings digital to new standards by creating a private concierge in your handset. It is a mobile application that uses customer behavior and real-time inventory management to offer an exclusive and personalized service offering. Pamper App is the single end to end provider of bouquet services such as personalization, real-time, wallet payment service, location based, loyalty programs and dynamic marketing. In short, it is a complete package for those seeking luxury on the go.

Pamper app targets audience who enjoy personalization of services while cashing in on loyalty points earned. They value services and need the best services in town, suited to their requirement. Pamper app is location based. Hence, the user is at advantage in each city. Familiarity is no more a prerequisite to make the best decisions. While the strategy for this application was pretty much in place, it was up to our technical experts to decide on feasibility and sturdiness.