UIUX, Front-End Development

Enhancing the user experience for a real time data application built for Vehicle.

CarIQ approached Awesome Daddies with the idea of launching on board diagnostics for every car. CarIQ had a device with inbuilt GSM capabilities that collects this data from the car without intervention. They now needed a mobile application that shares the data with the car user.

From multiple stakeholder partner interviews and research, we perceived who our target was. It is the middle - class car owner or driving enthusiast. He is a multi - tasker with short attention spans who craves for reminders, needs information at his fingertips, commands convenience and strives to have fun in everything he does strategy and creative teams at Awesome Daddies collaborated to determine the ideal way for users to access the most relevant data analysis. We were primarily concerned that the mobile app shouldn’t overwhelm the user with data. After all, it was intended to simplify his life. Also, a user experience that matches the versatility of the mobile app was needed.