CLIENT Today Special


UIUX, Front-End Development, Magento CMS

Innovating with strategy, design and layout in the online food ordering category. Coz no hungry man should wait.

Online food ordering is fast growing in the e - commerce category. It is in this scenario that Today Special approached us to develop a website and mobile application for their online food ordering and delivery business. Our strategy teams spent long hours with stakeholders of the business to gain insights on who their target was. TS targeted the working millennial population. They are young and busy, with limitless options .Variety, taste and convenience impress them. We worked comprehensively with the target population to understand how the digital medium can buy their loyalty to the service. They enjoy the luxury of having the food of their choice delivered at their doorsteps.

The website was designed to speak for the brand itself. We gave attention to both first time and regular buyers with our attention to details. Awesome Daddies also successfully minimized search time using innovative designs. We succeeded in giving users fast and seamless navigation coz no one wants to think too much when hungry! And thus was born TS, the appetizing website and mobile application.