How we gave Hovmand website a newfangled look
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The puissance of redesigning a website

Hovmand, the colossal manufacturer of lifters and lifting tools possess an experience of 45 years in plattering bigger business. They are the global suppliers of lifters, equipment to lift and carry boxes, drums, reels and other items to different industries such as Pharma, Food, Manufacturing, Retail, Service, and distribution. As a part of digital marketing strategy, they wanted to revamp their website. Hovmand approached AwesomeDaddies, the hub of creativity, technology, and market knowledge.

No challenge becomes an obstacle

It’s extremely important for the website to portray a strong brand image that represents the company accurately. The website should be able to capture the essence of that brand. It plays a critical role in customer acquisition efforts and the overall impact that it has on sales and revenue. To be more efficient in marketing, every touch point with a prospective customer must be in alignment. Hovmand has become a market giant over the years and its website should showcase who they are. Technology or customizability enables a top-tier company like Hovmand to flex its muscles in their niche market.

A newly furbished website

To give a catchy look to the Hovmand website, AwesomeDaddies used a narrative approach which engages their audience and leaves a strong impression on them.

Drawing conclusions from the comparative analysis of competitor’s websites helped to understand the gaps and work on it. A simple corporate design conveying the brand image and imperative information about the various products offered to the prospective customers in their language (English, German and Danish) and well-organized manner invigorated their marketing efforts.

How we puzzled out the stumbling blocks?

A frequent interaction was made between the client and the company. Brainstorming sessions aided in concept creation and strategy building.

AwesomeDaddies studied and brought the best user-journey into designs, managed by the most popular CMS, WordPress etc. Investment in new tools and functionalities made more sense to updated technology.

The final word

To maintain an online presence in the vast World Wide Web it has become mandatory to adapt the technological upgradations and stay pertinent with market ventures. AwesomeDaddies built a flawless mobile-friendly website for Hovmand in two months to reduce bounce rate and increase conversions. Incorporating the company’s uniqueness with latest design trends to keep its brands fresh and connect with early adopters is a way to sway niche market.

Redeveloping gives a chance to reprioritize what the website focuses on and create a site designed around current sales goals. Use of modern design elements to tell the story of the company provides a competitive advantage in positioning the products.


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