How can you develop your unique identity and niche within your chosen area?


A brand can be defined as the "relationship" with the consumer. It is based on what a company strongly believes in, and what difference it can make in the world.

It's as simple as it is. Focus on Attract, Engage and Impact

Building your own agenda to the products make the consumers Attract. Because all brands are attempting to gain more attention in this highly-competitive world but most of them are losers in getting an abundant consumer attention for their brand. Mark your identity on everything you do. Create a story which your customers like to hear.Your customers will evaluate your brand and regulate their behavior based on these interactions. Impress them by going digital. Take care of today, and tomorrow will take care of itself.

Just remember to follow the kind of marketing that puts the consumer at its core, rather than your product. Always think about an inbound strategy, which can be used to drive unexceptional performance in your business and thus make the consumer Engaged. Let your brand build your business.

Make your Impact strong and noticeable in the business. Good business strategy helps organizations balance the innovation with risk. Focusing on delivering great products makes customers coming back again and again. Transform your business to the matchup the digital age. Thinking uniquely generates qualified leads and delivers quality results.

Patrick Hansen

Senior Product Strategist

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14.10.16 Golden Ratio: The Designers Guide

If you are a Designer, I bet you have come across with the golden ratio. But, how exactly is it related to design? We all knows the concepts of Fibonacci Series in Mathematics. Closely related to the Fibonacci Series, the Golden Ratio describes the perfectly symmetrical relationship between two proportions.

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27.09.16 UX Importance In A Design.

Many people will think about UI as a core to the design. We give importance to UI than UX. But that is not the real way of presenting it. Experience of the user is importance than the design. UX gives the design life. It is essentially the method of customer satisfaction.

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25.07.16 10 Habits of Successful UX

There has been a lot of talk recently about the power of habits and how they can help shape the quality of our daily life and make us more successful. UXswitch spoke to Anthea Blanas about the habits UXers should practice in order to maximize your productivity, effectiveness, and overall success.

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22.07.16 Designing Enterprise Technology
with a Human Focus

We all marvel at the way Uber can get you a taxi with a tap. So much so that we now find the laborious task of raising a hand to hail a cab to be far too much cognitive overhead to be worth the effort. Yet, we sit at our desks every day, utilizing business software that looks and feels like, well, business software.

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15.07.16 150 Heads Are Better than One: Charettes & Design-Led Thinking

A good designer can deliver a lot of insight into a business problem. A bunch of good designers can deliver more and deeper insights. And a bunch of good designers working with cross-functional teams that have expertise in different areas can solve a business problem in ways no one could predict.

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29.06.16 Overcoming UX Designing Challenges : Associated With Smartphone Apps

A great mobile app experience results from systematic planning of the app in a way so that the final app will turn out to be extremely positive, or far beyond expectations.

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